NIXIM Replacement uprated springs for the Logitech G25/G27/G29 and G920 pedal sets.


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HISTORY - Soon after the release of Logitech's G25 wheel shifter and pedal set NIXIM were the first to spot the potential of uprating the basic pedals and in particular the brake pedal. Logitech's "G" Series pedal sets have good solid basic engineering which provides a good base for further modification and upgrading.

With the release of the original NIXIM brake mod in 2007 which was nothing more than a simple rubber buffer inserted inside the stock Logitech brake spring NIXIM Improved the driving performance and enjoyment of thousands of Simracers worldwide. This for little more than the cost of the postage.

In April 2011 NIXIM released the NIXIM brake mod version 2, along with at the same time the NIXIM Clutch mod spring. Following demands from very impressed Simracers a slightly stronger Gas spring appeared a couple of weeks later. This full update featured a completely new design of brake spring featuring a stronger two stage design that gives the brake pedal a vastly improved progressive feel We retained the rubber buffer still installed within the brake spring though it it is now shorter than the original as the new uprated spring now takes on much of the work that the original buffer did. This design has proven so realistic and popular it has been copied by others.

With the release of the G29 and G920 pedal sets Logitech have utilised NIXIM's innovation of a rubber buffer placed inside the brake spring. Others have copied our two stage spring design though only Logitech copied the buffer modification to continue the true progressive feel of a brake. (although not as smooth or as progressive as the NIXIM mod) As you see from the graph below all, only the NIXIM Mod gives a perfect full intuitive representation of a real car brake. This being the result of many thousands of test laps and discarded batches of prototype springs.

Since its release we are aware only one brake spring mod failure (broken) after sales of well over 20,000 pedal mods to - real race drivers, serious Sim racers, and Simcentres in almost every country around the world. NIXIM now extends its NIXIM products lifetime guarantee to cover any part of the NIXIM Logitech pedal modification kit, including the Brake, Clutch, and Gas spring options, this brings the pedal mod in line with other NIXIM Simracing products. With any NIXIM product you know you can buy with absolute confidence in its endurance and performance.












David Nicholson