Opening the pedal set will invalidate your Logitech Warranty. You as the owner have to decide whether you are prepared to install a pedal modification to your Logitech driving game/simulation pedal set, - having considered all of the practical and legal considerations.

NIXIM Racing Simulators will not be held responsible for any fault or damage arising to any equipment as a result of this modification. After many thousands of similar units sold we are not aware of any failures or problems due to the NIXIM pedal mod.

You will need - a 2.5mm and a 5mm allen key, a small Posidrive/Phillips screwdriver, and a 10mm spanner.

Fig 1: With the 2.5mm Allen key, remove the pedal heads.

Fig 2: Remove the 14 posidrive screws, - these fix the base and top covers together NOTE : there are two screws in the carpet grip recess that must be removed.

Fig 3 :Seperate the two sections being carefull not to pull the thin potentiometer wires, - this will allow access to the pedal mechanism.

Fig 4-5: With the 10mm spanner and 5mm Allen key, remove the large nut on the lower section of the red telescopic plastic spring housing, then jiggle the metal pin far enough to the side so that the two telescopic sections become seperate.

Fig 6: Simply remove the existing logitech brake spring and replace with the NIXIM modified spring with or without rubber buffer and repeat the same operation for the clutch pedal (no buffer required) reassemble everything in the reverse order.

Fig 7-8: Be careful to place the thin potentiometer wires back into their little cable holders when bringing the two half's of the main plastic pedal housing together, its a bit fiddly but it must be done. Ensure that the main wiring harness is correctly routed through the cable grip when reassembling the plastic casings.

Dave Nicholson