NIXIM G25 G27 G29 G920 Clutch

(New updated spring for all pedal sets)

NIXIM tuned dual stage Clutch spring
The stock clutch spring for the Logitech G25 G27 G29 and G920 is similar to the stock brake and gas spring, in that they are all simple single stage springs. The NIXIM clutch spring is a stronger two stage spring which has a little resistance in the initial (5mm) pedal movement (to simulate the pedal return spring), which then rapidly builds to a strong resistance as you compress the (simulated) main clutch pressure plate springs. As you press the pedal you can feel this rapid change of foot pressure and whilst the pedal does not feel exactly as a race clutch does (though very similar), it does give you a positive bite point as drive is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox. Which means you have the ability to feel the drive being transmitted to the gearbox and therefore have the ability with practice to control it as perfectly as in real life.

As you see from the graph, when you first depress the pedal there is the feel of an easy first few millimetres of movement and then the pedal rapidly stiffens as the simulated feel of the clutch pressure plates releasing their grip on the engine flywheel is felt. We stress though it is important to calibrate your software settings in your game controller options in order to get a near perfect feel for clutch operation. In fact the clutch software settings are as important as it is for the brake pedal. The NIXIM brake mod works great right out of the box but gets better with software adjustment. Whereas just replacing the clutch spring without calibrating the software gives a mismatch in the feel of the pedal when compared with the cars reaction to clutch operation. You need to spend a little time to perfect it it is well worth the effort.

We recommend that you set the clutch sensitivity as high as possible with a 5% dead zone and then whilst test driving adjust the sensitivity for best effect and feel. The 5% dead zone will also help if you have a tendency to rest your foot on the clutch pedal whilst driving. The clutch pedal is similar to the brake and gas pedals in as much as it has a small arc that the pedal moves through from start to finish of its stroke. For this reason it is not possible to copy the universal feel of the average road car clutch. We have tried to mimic the feel of a racing clutch which has a short throw and the rapid transfer of drive from one gear to the next. It may take you a little time to get used to but in racing terms it is quite realistic as it allows for rapid shifting in a racing situation.

Making good use of the NIXIM clutch spring will give you the ultimate feel for getting off the start line when the lights go green. Making rapid starts and accelerating hard without wheel spin may help you gain many places even before reaching the first corner. You can do it because with a properly calibrated NIXIM clutch spring you have an intuitive feel for the bite of the clutch. No more guessing you just know.

Dave Nicholson