NIXIM Replacement uprated springs for the
Logitech G25/G27 pedal set.
Soon after the release of Logitech’s G25 wheel shifter and pedal set NIXIM were the first to spot the potential of up rating the pedals and in particular the brake pedal. Logitech’s G27 pedal set has good solid basic engineering and is a good base for further modification and upgrading.
With the release of the original NIXIM brake mod in 2007 – which was nothing more than a simple rubber buffer inserted inside the stock brake spring NIXIM was able to improve the driving performance and enjoyment of thousands of Simracers worldwide. This for little more than the cost of the postage.

In April 2011 NIXIM released the NIXIM brake mod V2. This featured a completely new design of brake spring which featured a two stage design to give the brake pedal a vastly improved progressive feel.
We retained the rubber buffer still installed within the brake spring – though it it is now shorter than the original as the new uprated spring now takes on much of the work that the original buffer did.
As far as we are aware no buffer and spring combination has ever failed which explains why NIXIM now extends its NIXIM products lifetime guarantee to cover any part of Logitech pedal modification kit, including the Brake Clutch and Gas spring options.
We are particularly confident in offering this guarantee for two reasons
A – Because we always make every product to the very highest of standards, considered by some unnecessarily high.
B – Because after many thousands of units sold we have yet to receive a single complaint in any way from any purchaser, so we know that you will be very happy with your upgrade.

With any NIXIM product you know you can buy with absolute confidence.

Product reviews

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Stronger Logitech G27 Gas/Accelerator spring

If you have a more upright driving position – particularly if you are not able to incline the angle of your pedal set, you may find the gas pedal does not have enough resistance to the downward pressure of the weight of your leg. This can lead to fatigue or aching leg and back muscles.
This NIXIM uprated spring is a simple replacement of the stock item which will give you a much improved pedal response and allows you to place more weight on the pedal and relax your leg.

NIXIM Uprated dual stage Logitech Brake spring with anti lockup buffer

The NIXIM brake mod V2 give the brake pedal the feel of driving a real car. It makes braking so intuitive – so second nature – as it should be. No longer are you making conscious thought about how far you are pressing the pedal, slowing the car is about intuitive foot pressure.

When you start to press the brake it is light and easy, and as you press the pedal further through its stroke it builds in pressure so you always have a subconscious reference as to how hard the brakes are being applied.
Initially the tighter spring coils close when you want to just “feather” the brake and shave a little speed, followed by the looser coils to give the pedal the mid range feel where the majority of braking is done.
As you approach maximum braking where you are likely to lock the cars wheels, the pedal begins to really tighten. This where you start to compress the anti lockup buffer inside the brake spring.
With the NIXIM brake mod V2 threshold braking is now so intuitive.

Whilst we recommend having a pedal that is hard to press at its limit in order to give as wide a range of feel as possible (real race car brakes are very hard to press indeed), you can soften the ultimate hardness of the pedal by trimming the rubber buffer in 2mm steps until it feels comfortable for you. You can remove the buffer altogether if you wish to have a fairly soft but still progressive pedal – this may be the best option for some console games. In any case experimentation will always bring best results even if you are happy with the mod to start with.
This effectively gives you a brake pedal tailored to your personal preference.

With the NIXIM V2 brake mod we guarantee substantially faster lap times over the stock brake set up.

Whilst simply replacing the stock spring for NIXIM brake mod V2 will vastly improve the feel of your brake pedal –
where your driving game or simulation allows we recommend a software adjustment of 30-35% dead zone and a sensitivity setting around 70%, this will give you baseline starting setup. These settings can be adjusted to your own preference as required.
Using these software settings will further improve the pedal/car response.

NIXIM uprated dual stage Clutch spring

The stock clutch spring for the G27 is similar to the stock brake spring, a simple single stage slightly progressive spring but just a little weaker in strength.
The NIXIM spring for the G27 is a much stronger two stage spring which has a little resistance in the initial pedal movement (to simulate the pedal return spring) which then rapidly builds to a strong resistance (as you compress the main the main clutch pressure plate springs).
As you press the pedal you can feel this rapid change of foot pressure and this gives you a positive bite point as drive is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox.

We stress though it important to calibrate your software settings in the game options to in order to get a good feel for the clutch operation. In fact the clutch software settings are more important to get the best results than it is for the brake pedal. – The NIXIM brake mod works great right out of the box but gets better with software adjustment. Whereas just replacing the clutch spring without calibrating the software gives a mismatch in the feel of the pedal to the cars reaction to clutch operation. We recommend that you set the clutch sensitivity as high as possible with no dead zone.

The G27 clutch pedal is similar to the brake and gas pedals in as much as it has quite a small arc that the
pedal moves through from start to finish of its stroke. For this reason we cannot copy the universal feel of the average road car.
So we have copied the feel of a racing clutch which has a short throw and rapid transfer of drive. This may take you a little time to get used to but in racing terms it is quite realistic as it allows for rapid shifting in a racing situation.
Making good use of the NIXIM clutch spring will give you the ultimate feel for getting off the start line when the light go green, making rapid starts accelerating hard without wheel spin helps you gain many places even before reaching the first corner.






Opening the pedal set will invalidate your Logitech Warranty.
You as the owner have to decide whether you are prepared to fit this brake modification
to your Logitech G25 driving game/simulation pedal set, – having considered all of the practical and legal considerations.

NIXIM Racing Simulators will not be held responsible for any fault or damage arising to any equipment as a result of this modification. After many thousands of similar units sold we are not aware of any failures or problems due to the NIXIM pedal mod.

You will need – a 2.5mm and a 5mm allen key, a small Posidrive/Phillips screwdriver, and a 10mm spanner.

Fig 1: With the 2.5mm Allen key, remove the pedal heads.

Fig 2: Remove the 14 posidrive screws, – these fix the base and top covers together
NOTE : there are two screws in the carpet grip recess that must be removed.

Fig 3 :Seperate the two sections being carefull not to pull the thin potentiometer wires,
– this will allow access to the pedal mechanism.

Fig 4-5: With the 10mm spanner and 5mm Allen key, remove the large nut on the lower
section of the red telescopic plastic spring housing, then jiggle the metal pin far
enough to the side so that the two telescopic sections become seperate.

Fig 6: Simply remove the existing logitech brake spring and replace with the NIXIM
modified spring with or without rubber buffer and repeat the same operation for the clutch pedal
(no buffer required) reassemble everything in the reverse order.

Fig 7-8: Be careful to place the thin potentiometer wires back into their little cable
holders when bringing the two half’s of the main plastic pedal housing together, its a bit fiddly but it must be done.
Ensure that the main wiring harness is correctly routed through the cable grip when reassembling the plastic casings.